This meeting will be the 41st in the series of Enlarged Halden Programme Group meetings, arranged to promote dissemination of the Halden Project’s research activity results as well as stimulating discussion about the research priorities of the member organisations of the Project.

Approximately 200 people are expected to participate in the meeting, including many of the Project’s technical and research staff.

We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers. Press here for information about them

Information about the conference can be found here:
EHPG website

Contact conference secretariat:

Turid Danielsen
E-mail : Turid.danielsen@ife.no
Phone: +47 411 00 807

Jannicke Neeb
E-mail: jannicke.neeb@ife.no
Phone: +47 995 21 673

Katrine Fuglesang
E-mail: katrine.fuglesang@ife.no
Phone: +47 926 53 908