Keynote Speakers

An introduction to the keynote speakers will be posted when ready.

Raymond Furstenau,
Director of the Nuclear Regulatory Research
U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“Change and Innovation in the Nuclear Industry”

Raymond Furstenau began serving as the Director of Nuclear Regulatory Research at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in July 2018.  Prior to joining the NRC, Mr. Furstenau held several positions in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) from 1987 to 2018. During most of those years, he provided government oversight of nuclear facility operations and nuclear energy research & development programs at the Idaho National Laboratory. He also served as Associate Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary and Central Technical Authority in DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

Mr. Furstenau holds a B.S. degree in Applied Science and Engineering from the U.S. Military Academy and a M.S. degree in Nuclear Sfcience and Engineering from Idaho State University.

Gina Strati,
Director of the Energy Program
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

“SMRs in the Canadian Landscape”

Gina Strati has been part of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) for 17 years. As the Director of the Energy Program, Gina is responsible for research and development activities related to supporting the safe operation of existing nuclear power generating stations, understanding nuclear fuels and fuel cycles, developing hydrogen technologies, supporting small modular reactors (SMR) and addressing Federal research needs by developing technologies to meet Canada’s Greenhouse Gas Emission targets. 

Gina received her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from McGill University in Montreal and her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of New Orleans in Louisiana.

Gina leads CNL’s SMR initiatives with a goal to site a demonstration reactor by 2026.

Yeonhee Hah,
Head of Division of Radiological Protection and
Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety
Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)

“Moving Forward: Human, Technology and Organization”

Ms Yeonhee Hah is Head of the Division of Radiological Protection and Human Aspects of Nuclear Safety (RP-HANS) of the NEA.  

Ms Hah took up her duties on 7 September 2015. The Division of Radiological Protection and Human Aspects of Nuclear Safetyfocuses on radiological protection principles, regulation and application, and on the human aspects of nuclear safety in such areas as safety culture, human and organisational factors, personnel training policies and practices, safety-related public communication and stakeholder engagement.  This division gives technical and administrative support to the Committee on Radiological Protection and Public Health (CRPPH), facilitating the execution of the programme of work, and assists NEA safety-related committees, including the Committee on Nuclear Regulatory Activities (CNRA), the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) and the Radioactive Waste Management Committee (RWMC) in the areas of responsibility of the respective divisions.

Ms Hah is an expert in international co-operation with 25 years’ experience working for the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety (KINS). She has extensive expertise in areas such as international co-operation, public communication, education and training, regulatory policy and development, and interaction with various stakeholders.  From 2010 to April 2014, Ms Hah chaired the NEA’s CNRA Working Group on Public Communication of Nuclear Regulatory Organisations. 

Ms Hah, a Korean national, holds a Master’s degree in Communications from Ewha Women’s University.

Katharina Stummeyer,
Head of Project Management Agency
Gesellschaft für Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit GmbH (GRS)

“Nuclear Safety Research in Germany – challenges and perspectives”

Dr. Katharina Stummeyer is Head of the Project Management Agency at the Gesellschaft fuer Anlagen- und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) gGmbH. This specialized division of GRS implements and coordinates nuclear safety research programs on behalf of several German Federal Ministries. The topics covered range from reactor safety research programs to research on waste management and on nuclear decommissioning.

Katharina has extensive experience in research management and a profound overview of the German nuclear safety research community. She is an active member of the German Alliance for Competence in Nuclear Technology and Program Group member of two leading German conferences in nuclear technology and decommissioning (AMNT, KONTEC).

On the international level Katharina is a member of the Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI) of NEA and has been active in several international research programs. She is currently board member of the Halden Reactor Project and of the NEA NEST Framework. Katharina graduated in 2000 from the Leibniz University in Hanover and holds a Doctoral degree in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat).  She was active as researcher at the MH Hannover (X-Ray Crystallography and radiation protection) before she joined GRS in 2009.

Mr Libing ZHU ,

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute – SNERDI

“Type Driven technology in SNERDI for Future Nuclear Industry”